Karen's Gourd Cottage

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 Whimsical Creature Gourd Night Light / Lamp

This lamp is truly an artistic design of elves in their home in the woods
It is approx. 12" tall and 25" around and lights up
It has a traditional plug in lamp in the bottom and a battery operated light in the top

                                                                                               Item # 10   $64.95

 Pumpkin Hollow Gourd Light
This scary Pumpkin Person creeps through the hollow looking to scare whatever is in it's way.
If you double click on the photo you can see all the eyes have holes so that the tea light that is included shines through
It is approx. 9 1/2" tall & 22" around
Item # 6   $14.95

 Whimsical Gourd Snowman Centerpiece
This whimsical snowman is happy to be your centerpiece for any location
He is 12" tall & 18" around

Item #14     $12.95