Karen's Gourd Cottage

 Santa with Puppy Gourd Birdhouse

This gourd birdhouse depicts Santa lighting his way with a holiday candle & adorable puppy
The whole gourd is approx. 13" tall & 21" around

                                                                                                  Item # 7      $25.95

 Mandolin playing Gnome Gourd Birdhouse

This Gnome is happy to sit and play his mandolin among the flowers & robins
It is 20" tall & 34" around

                                                     Item # 9      $59.95

 Basket of Flowers & Dragonflies Gourd Birdhouse
This adorable birdhouse depicts two girls gathering flowers watched by dragonflies
It is approx. 11" tall & 21" around with a finish dremeled natural finish

                                                  Item # 8     $24.95

Hop into Spring Gourd Bunny Birdhouse
This bunny birdhouse will put you into the spring state of mind.
It is approx. 12" tall and 26.5" around

Item # 1     $29.95

 Floral Gourd Birdhouse

This gourd birdhouse has 3 large flowers with a variety of gold leaf designs
It is approx. 8.5" tall and 20" around
Item # 11   $31.95

Halloween Haunted House Gourd Birdhouse

You may not want to share this Haunted House with your birds! It will make a great decoration for hanging at your front door for all the ghosts & goblins to see.
It is Approx. 17.5" tall & 21.5" around

                                                                                            Item # 5   $45.95

 Halloween Mummy Couple Gourd Birdhouse
This Mummy Couple is not just for birds!

The Ghosts & Goblins coming to your door will love it as a Halloween decoration
It is approx. 12.5 inches tall & 24" around with it's own hanging cord already attached

                                                      Item # 4    $ 39.95

 Country Sled Gourd Birdhouse

This Country Sled is filled with Holly & Berries
it is 11.5" tall & 21" around

Item # 13     $19.95

 Winter Lodge Gourd Birdhouse

This Brightly colored hand painted gourd birdhouse depicts a snow covered wintery lodge.
It is approx. 11.5" tall & 24" around

Item # 16  $39.95

 Snowman & Bird Gourd Birdhouse
This snowman is decorated with hand painted birds completely around the gourd
It is 12" tall & 16" around

Item # 12    $23.95

 Vintage Waterwheel Gourd Birdhouse

This hand painted Water Wheel birdhouse is approx. 14.5" tall & 24" around

                The design goes almost completely around the gourd                                 Item #2    $52.95

 Penguin w/ Scarf Gourd Birdhouse

This happy penguin is complete with it's own scarf
and he is 15" tall & 28" around
Hang him anywhere

Item # 15    $22.95

 Marsh Mallards Gourd Birdhouse

These Mallards are flying through the marsh & looking for a place to land this beautiful gourd birdhouse on your deck or porch

It is approx. 11" tall and 26" around

Item #17  $35.95