Karen's Gourd Cottage

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 Welcome to My Gourd Cottage Website

          Karen's Gourd Cottage first opened it's doors in July of 2013.

Hi, I'm Karen and I personally create all the gourd birdhouses & centerpieces here at the Cottage. This short video clip gives you a brief idea of the gourd growth from seedlings to the harvest.
I continue to grow each year and add more specialty items as well as increase our "Signature Unique One Of A Kind Hand Painted Birdhouses"
I love " Special Orders" and I am happy to give you a free quote for your special item.

You can see some of my previous creations in the Gallery 

Once the harvest is finished the gourds will set and winter over to be cleaned the following spring and go through the long process to get them ready for creations.

Please stop by the cottage and see for yourself and just relax with a free cup of coffee & treat browsing through our gardens & visit our shop.